Release notes for quimb.

v1.3.0 (18th Feb 2020)


Bug fixes:

  • Fix consistency of fidelity() by making the unsquared version the default for the case when either state is pure, and always return a real number.

  • Fix a bug in the 2D system example for when j != 1.0

  • Add environment variable QUIMB_NUMBA_PAR to set whether numba should use automatic parallelization - mainly to fix travis segfaults.

  • Make cache import and initilization of petsc4py and slepc4py more robust.

v1.2.0 (6th June 2019)


Bug fixes:

  • Fix pkron for case len(dims) == len(inds) (GH17, PR18).

  • Fix qarray printing for older numpy versions

  • Fix TN quantum circuit bug where Z and X rotations were swapped

  • Fix variable bond MPO building (GH22) and L=2 DMRG

  • Fix norm(X, 'trace') for non-hermitian matrices

  • Add autoray as dependency (GH21)